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At Prototype Devshop, we don’t just code — we build and scale SaaS products. We provide end-to-end solutions, that gets your idea from start to market. From initial consultations and strategic planning to scalable software solutions, we're your tech partner committed to turning your startup vision into a sustainable business.

The process:

Maximizing the chance of adoption for new technology involves a lot more than we think. Our team leverages 30+ years in building tech products to ensure the product being built gets to market, gets used, is attractive to investors, and is non-limiting in its technical decisions.

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How are we different?

This is how we have built our apps. So we can pass the learnings onto you.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Dev Shop
Understanding The Product
We start with a vision to roadmap workshop to begin getting an understanding of your project. It's at this stage we talk about the feasability of the technology solution and start your knowledge base and documentation. The output of this process is a business requirement document outlining the core functionality of your project with a tentative roadmap, timeline, and rough estimate of cost.
Low-Tech Prototyping
Once the core features are finalized, we expedite a low-fidelity prototype for immediate market testing. Our focus is rapid delivery without unnecessary complexity. This allows us to start generating user feedback to validate assumptions of our product. We've witnessed companies pour millions into overengineered solutions while not fully knowing if their users are going to adopt their new solution.
Flexibility in Execution
We work with the funding you have as it's raised, and prioritize tasks to get us to MVP. You control the speed of development and we make sure you know how many steps are left.
Clear Scope and Vision
With us, you'll never feel lost in endless changes. We'll help you stick to your scope, focusing on what matters most: learning and validation.
Local Collaboration
Based in Calgary AB, we're always available for face-to-face communication, ensuring that no detail is lost in translation. We are a North American software shop focused on developing and employing local tech talent.
Fixed Fee Structure
We believe in transparency and accountability. Our fixed fee ensures that you get exactly what you need without unexpected costs. This ensures everyone's expectations around what is being built is crystal clear.
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